Latest news

Latest news

Mifid II: market explores process trade options

Aug 15, 2018

The flexibility of venues is easing compliance pains and ramping up competition in the trading platform space. Variations on the hybrid trading model are becoming more popular

Benchmarks Regulation: administrators don’t know they’re caught

Aug 16, 2018

Ongoing confusion over scope means firms are running out of time to get compliant. Relying on a delay that may never come is a risky strategy at best

STS: investors back away from long-dated ABS

Aug 16, 2018

Bank investors are purchasing short-dated securities in anticipation of the Securitisation Regulation. They believe the LCR in its current form will cost them heavily

Rise in SPACs sparks regulation rumours

Aug 14, 2018

The cash shell model is increasingly popular in the UK equity market. In-house counsel think this will lead to formal regulation of the structure, particularly surrounding disclosures on target companies

Benchmarks Regulation: market woefully unprepared

Aug 9, 2018

The likely discontinuation of many rates after 2020 is not receiving the market attention it deserves

Brexit novations raise questions over Emir, lifecycle events

Aug 9, 2018

As banks plough on with repapering, it's now emerged that novation may invalidate Emir grandfathering for millions of derivative contracts

FX Global Code: buyside awareness grows

Aug 8, 2018

Asset managers and their investors are increasingly interested in whether or not their counterparties take conduct seriously

SFTR shifts repo market’s priorities

Aug 7, 2018

Repo market makers are now more focused on trade venue systems and less on pricing for the first time

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Libor Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Libor reform survey finds a market split on everything from managing the transition and minimising disputes to impact on documentation and pricing. In-house lawyers, heads of rates, traders and corporate treasurers tell us how the upheaval will affect them