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Latest news

Capital markets is going private

Feb 15, 2019 Conduct

Increasing regulation and market volatility has turned issuers to private placement debt and equity programmes. DCM dealers are seeing a rise in Asia and Latin American issuers; others see a high volume of covered bonds. Some are seeing no business at all

Exchanges weigh in on SIP best execution data debate

Feb 14, 2019 Compliance

New York-based institutional investors and stock exchanges have differing views on the depth of the data the securities market needs to ensure a competitive playing field. Fund managers say they refuse to work with brokers who only use SIP data, which they view as stale

Brexit: markets anxious over lack of LSE equivalence

Feb 13, 2019 Conduct

Market participants are increasing their equivalence lobbying efforts as the post-Brexit treatment of bonds and stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange remains unknown. Plus, Goldman Sachs responds to Switzerland relocation rumours

Special report: walking the Brexit tightrope

Feb 12, 2019 Reports

Practice Insight surveyed senior in-house lawyers, product desk heads, analysts, traders and portfolio managers in both the UK and continental Europe throughout December 2018. The landmark survey reveals how capital markets are reacting, from internal politics to contract novations

GDPR: Mifid funds struggling with SEC approvals

Feb 8, 2019 Compliance

The new data protection rules are making it difficult for firms to comply with Mifid II and do business in the US, according to confused fund managers. While the EU-US Privacy Shield is helpful, it does not cover the particular activities sought by the SEC

Initial margin: race for top platform is on

Feb 7, 2019 Documentation

Isda Create and Margin Xchange are lining up in a bid to become the ultimate tech platform for the uncleared margin rules. Here bankers and consultants weigh up their price, efficiency and ease of use

Brexit: funds say MoU is no passporting replacement

Feb 6, 2019 Conduct

Although managers applaud EU and UK regulators’ achievement of agreeing on delegation, there are still no passporting provisions for outbound UK funds. Meanwhile, the TPR is finally gaining traction

STS: issuers look for securitisation alternatives

Feb 5, 2019 Compliance

ABS structurers are turning to alternative deals that fall outside the Securitisation Regulation’s scope. However, optimistic bankers believe that the regulation will achieve its aims within the second half of 2019

Special reports

Brexit Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Brexit survey reveals how capital market participants are responding to the UK's exit from the EU, as both buy and sellside firms discuss their struggle with internal politics, novations and relocation preparations.