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Latest news

Market coordination crucial to FRTB compliance

Oct 17, 2019 Compliance

Inconsistency is greater between banks in the same jurisdiction than across different markets, according to those tasked with implementing the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

MAR: major disconnect between market and regulators

Oct 17, 2019 Conduct

Following the launch of Esma’s latest consultation on the Market Abuse Regulation, Practice Insight speaks to market users and regulators to understand where priorities lie with the regime’s review

Best execution: why RTS27 and 28 reports still aren’t working

Oct 16, 2019 Documentation

One major asset manager's 2018 report has been viewed just eight times

Special report: Potential sources of future crises

Oct 15, 2019 Reports

Why monetary policy is not going to be able to provide the same levels of support to the economy when the next recession comes, and other insights. Part six of Practice Insight's accumulative impact series

Benchmark transition inertia persists in Asia

Oct 14, 2019 Conduct

Regulatory uncertainty and the sheer complexity of the task is causing consistent headaches for all involved

Green finance initiative shifts from market to regulators

Oct 10, 2019 Conduct

As the asset class continues to establish itself as a booming sector, questions remain as to who should take the lead to push its growth even further

Why the Eonia to €STR transition is just a formality

Oct 9, 2019 Conduct

With the shift to the new euro short-term rate now underway, market observers tell Practice Insight why euro markets have it easy compared to their Libor-dependent counterparts in the US and UK

Special report: How effective are the new universal safeguards?

Oct 9, 2019 Reports

Although post-crisis reforms have been relatively successful at tackling glaring fault lines, the financial system might not be as resilient to shocks as it seems. This is part five of Practice Insight’s accumulative impact of regulation series