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Latest news

Firms reluctant to sign up to Brexit terms

Apr 17, 2019 Documentation

Corporates and asset managers are refusing to sign any repapered contracts in anticipation of a soft or cancelled Brexit. They say they will deal with it nearer the time, and hope regulators will be flexible

Market not prepared for post-Libor tax implications

Apr 18, 2019 Conduct

The corporate and financial world has been more focused on other areas, but needs to consider the disruption to P&L when intercompany loans are renegotiated

Why documentation-light Schuldscheins are flourishing

Apr 17, 2019 Documentation

Bankers and lawyers explain how the German law instrument that flies under the regulator’s radar has risen to prominence in the post-crisis environment

Esma’s STS template stasis leads to new market practice

Apr 15, 2019 Compliance

Market consensus is forming around temporary solutions such as the CRA III or BoE templates while firms continue to wait for the European Commission’s approval

POLL: Market says it’s ready for SFTR

Apr 11, 2019 Reports

Practice Insight’s latest landmark report sees in-house compliance managers and directors determined to learn from past regulatory mistakes when implementing the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

Mifid II: market not tapping best execution data potential

Apr 11, 2019 Conduct

While divergent practices continue to render RTS27 data almost entirely useless, certain players are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to extract value

Banks deliver Brexit employment contracts

Apr 10, 2019 Documentation

Big banks are giving employees their new contracts to be signed and dated once they have officially relocated to an EU hub, while large buyside firms are assessing their Mifid activities

Funds keep cards close to chest on post-Libor litigation

Apr 8, 2019 Conduct

Hedge funds are putting the "fear of god" into issuers over post-Libor lawsuits, according to lawyers, issuers and funds speaking to Practice Insight

Special reports

Brexit Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Brexit survey reveals how capital market participants are responding to the UK's exit from the EU, as both buy and sellside firms discuss their struggle with internal politics, novations and relocation preparations.