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Latest news

How Amsterdam is luring trading venues post-Brexit

Oct 18, 2018

Trading venues explain why the Netherlands is emerging as a winner in the market infrastructure space, though the EU as a whole risks losing significant business to the US in the process

Mifid II: SIs face uneven playing field outside EU

Oct 18, 2018

Systematic internalisers say that non-EU counterparts don’t want to trade with them anymore over information leakage fears as more extraterritorial results emerge

Initial margin: valuation process will create disputes

Oct 16, 2018

Phase five firms are concerned the process of producing figures will lead to conflict. Others are keeping implementation projects on ice in the hope that BCBS-Iosco will bend to their lobbying

How the Benchmarks Regulation will stifle growth

Oct 15, 2018

Administrators from outside the EU are already withdrawing from the continent. Users should prepare for the worst: the loss of hundreds of critical reference points

Mifid II: banks diverge on target market reviews

Oct 11, 2018

The directive’s product governance framework is still causing headaches, with disagreements over when to conduct the reviews and how granular to be. Compliance teams are struggling with the concept of proportionality

Banks slash AT1 teams as market declines

Oct 10, 2018

Sources are concerned about the future of AT1s as firms cut back on their capital solutions teams after struggling to interest investors. Some hope that MREL will give it a much-needed boost

BMR: third countries are running out of options

Oct 9, 2018

Even the EU Commission has now acknowledged the practical issues making recognition and endorsement highly unattractive. The highly politicised equivalence process may now be their best bet

EU banks aren’t ready for Brexit

Oct 4, 2018

Continental European firms have had a relaxed approach to the UK’s exit so far with many yet to start on contingency plans or repapering, according to in-house sources

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Libor Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Libor reform survey finds a market split on everything from managing the transition and minimising disputes to impact on documentation and pricing. In-house lawyers, heads of rates, traders and corporate treasurers tell us how the upheaval will affect them