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Latest news

Brexit: market prices in article 50 extension

Mar 14, 2019 Conduct

Debt, equities and FX market participants are pricing in a delay to Brexit following the vote on March 12, as well as preparing the new deal pipeline for the first week of April

Mifid II: UK firms start receiving FCA letters

Mar 14, 2019 Compliance

Transaction reporting, best execution, costs and charges are expected to be key enforcement areas. The UK regulator's market reporting team has already sent a number of letters to banks and fund managers

Mifid II won't fix bond mispricing

Mar 13, 2019 Compliance

Researchers and sellside consultants think the mispricing of public sector bonds is mainly the result of “opaque” OTC markets, not evidence of widespread collusion. The EU's new rules have not changed much

BCBS/Iosco initial margin note is “helpful but vague”

Mar 12, 2019 Conduct

Trade groups and consultants are reticent about the international body’s statement on the €50 million IM exchange threshold. They say it does not provide enough certainty

Securitisation investors consider STS for ABCP as overkill

Mar 7, 2019 Conduct

Buyside sources are concerned about the application of the simple, transparent and standardised criteria to the private ABS market, arguing that it has over-complicated matters

Mifid II: European market wants consolidated tape

Mar 7, 2019 Compliance

A senior VP at AllianceBernstein, alongside trading venue and regulatory sources, recognise the obstacles, but think the democratisation of data can only be a good thing

Sofr’s poor uptake in swaps market not yet a concern

Mar 7, 2019 Conduct

The US' chosen Libor replacement has an alarmingly low curve in the swaps market compared to interbank offered rates – but New York-based sources say it’s too soon to write it off just yet

Libor: panel banks “not overly worried” about new lawsuit

Mar 6, 2019 Conduct

The first rate-rigging lawsuit against ICE-administered Libor bears little resemblance to the high-profile cases of the past, according to panel banks and financial fraud experts

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Brexit Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Brexit survey reveals how capital market participants are responding to the UK's exit from the EU, as both buy and sellside firms discuss their struggle with internal politics, novations and relocation preparations.