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Latest news

Libor fallbacks not yet referencing new rates

Nov 14, 2018

Regulators are becoming increasingly frustrated as banks and issuers argue that there's still too much uncertainty. Some even still believe the controversial benchmark isn't going anywhere fast

Priips: investment firms lay off advisors over failures

Nov 15, 2018

Almost a year after implementation, sources are still having “shocking” conversations on the regulation, particularly in the US. Many are having to start from scratch after recognising they have not been compliant

EU buyside drifts from UK despite Brexit agreement

Nov 14, 2018

Continental European investors remain wary of doing business in the UK. Here they argue the FCA’s temporary permissions regime doesn’t go far enough in covering potential risks

Initial margin: threshold changes raise cost concerns

Nov 12, 2018

Phase four and five firms are worried that the costs and efforts preparing for uncleared margin rules will be gone with the wind, especially following the CFTC’s threshold announcement

Mifid II unbundling has transformed US research

Nov 8, 2018

Elements of the EU rules have quickly become global best practice among firms, leaving regulators scrambling to keep up with what’s market

Initial margin: phase four firms face Brexit battle

Nov 7, 2018

In-house teams are wondering if there are enough lawyers in the world to help them juggle the two projects at the same time. Unknowns surrounding the final deal, relocation strategies and ratings don't help

Buyside looks to rent fiduciary firms post-Brexit

Nov 5, 2018

Portfolio managers are anxious about the risks surrounding this short-term post-Brexit solution. They say it will cause liquidity and capital fragmentation

CSDR will damage European securities trading

Nov 1, 2018

Some banks are advising clients to avoid settling on an EEA depository where possible to avoid the controversial mandatory buy-in regime. That approach may become more credible post-Brexit

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Libor Survey Report

Latest report

This landmark Libor reform survey finds a market split on everything from managing the transition and minimising disputes to impact on documentation and pricing. In-house lawyers, heads of rates, traders and corporate treasurers tell us how the upheaval will affect them