Special reports

Special reports

Practice Insight’s special reports are based on anonymised surveys of hundreds of senior in-house lawyers, traders, credit analysts, and trading venues from across the market. They provide valuable client-side data for advisors and peer intelligence for financial institutions by tackling the implementation challenges of key reforms, from the granularities of regulatory reporting to the future of benchmarks.

USD Libor survey, part II: federal-level legacy law ‘essential’, says market

Dec 14, 2021

With the US tough legacy bill now passed by the House, the market keeps its eyes peeled as it goes through the Senate, with hopes that a decision will emerge by year-end

IFLR's Geopolitical Crisis Report

Mar 31, 2022

As war in Europe rages on, our newest reporter and risk management expert Bozena Gulija takes a microscope to financial sector risks and regulation in this four-part report

USD Libor report 2021

Jan 4, 2022

With two of the seven USD Libor maturities discontinued at the end of 2021 and the other five to follow in June 2023, we surveyed the market to gauge readiness

USD Libor survey, part IV: ARRC and Fed’s Libor transition management deemed ‘disruptive’ by market

Dec 22, 2021

Half of respondents to our survey disapprove of the US authorities’ handling of the transition, with an overwhelming majority saying ongoing debates around credit-sensitive rates hampered transition efforts

USD Libor survey, part III: Ameribor dominates CSR landscape

Dec 16, 2021

In the third part of our survey, we look at the ongoing popularity of credit-sensitive rates as a replacement for USD Libor, with Ameribor and BSBY distinguishably outranking the rest 

USD Libor survey, part I: market stands ready for no new Libor  

Dec 9, 2021

The majority of respondents to our survey expects both the year-end and June 2023 USD Libor phase-outs to go relatively smoothly, but additional supervisory guidance remains essential in some areas

IFLR USD Libor Survey 2021 

Oct 15, 2021

Last few days to take our survey looking at the US market's Libor transition progress – have your say!

Lessons Learned part six: The crisis of tomorrow

Oct 15, 2019

Why monetary policy is not going to be able to provide the same levels of support to the economy when the next recession comes, and other insights. Part six of Practice Insight's accumulative impact series