Special reports

Special reports

Practice Insight’s special reports are based on anonymised surveys of hundreds of senior in-house lawyers, traders, credit analysts, and trading venues from across the market. They provide valuable client-side data for advisors and peer intelligence for financial institutions by tackling the implementation challenges of key reforms, from the granularities of regulatory reporting to the future of benchmarks.

Special report: Transparency makes markets safer but more complex

Sep 12, 2019

After more than 40 hours of interviews with senior policymakers, bankers and lawyers, Practice Insight’s landmark investigation into the accumulative impact of all post-crisis financial regulation is finally here. Part one looks at non-standardised reporting regimes, Mifid II, shadow banking, cross-border data sharing and costs, and more. Part two will be published next week

Introduction: the accumulative impact of all new rules since the crash

Sep 5, 2019

What's happened since Lehman Brothers went bust? Is the system less risky now than 11 years ago? Practice Insight has spent months assessing the impact and effectiveness of the new regulatory regimes

Special report: plugging the gap with SOFR

Aug 15, 2019

In this landmark survey Practice Insight speaks to in-house counsel, desk heads, traders and more about how the secured overnight financing rate is shaping up in the immense task of replacing USD Libor. Download your copy of the full report now

SOFR survey part three: 45% still uncertain Libor will even expire

Aug 8, 2019

The third and final part of Practice Insight's survey on the secured overnight financing rate (SOFR) looks at whether Libor will expire at the end of 2021 as promised, whether SOFR will become the preferred successor and whether a low-volume curve in the swaps industry should cause concern

SOFR survey part two: 60% of respondents satisfied with fallback language

Aug 1, 2019

Part two of Practice Insight's survey on the secured overnight financing rate looks at the ARRC's released fallback language, how it has been introduced, the differences between the financial products, and what needs to happen to improve uptake

SOFR survey part one: Keep the pace

Jul 25, 2019

Practice Insight's landmark survey looks at how the Secured Overnight Financing Rate is progressing compared to other replacement rates and whether it's generating enough liquidity. In-house lawyers and desk heads speak anonymously and frankly on benchmark reform in part one of this three-part series

Fin reg influencers of 2019

Jul 3, 2019

The IFLR and Practice Insight editorial teams provide a rundown of the most influential individuals, organisations, geopolitical events and trends in financial regulation in 2019

ROUNDTABLE: What does life after Libor look like?

May 22, 2019

Senior legal, syndicate and treasury directors at the EBRD, ICMA, NatWest and RBC talk frankly on the industry’s transition to risk-free rates