Special reports

Special reports

Practice Insight’s special reports are based on anonymised surveys of hundreds of senior in-house lawyers, traders, credit analysts, and trading venues from across the market. They provide valuable client-side data for advisors and peer intelligence for financial institutions by tackling the implementation challenges of key reforms, from the granularities of regulatory reporting to the future of benchmarks.

POLL: ECM desks nervous about analyst meetings

Oct 29, 2018

In part two of this landmark survey, Practice Insight speaks to heads of execution, senior in-house counsel, research firm heads and buyside brokers who reveal their anxieties regarding information leaks

POLL: UK IPO reforms damage research volumes

Oct 25, 2018

Practice Insight surveys heads of execution, senior in-house counsel, research firm heads and buyside brokers who candidly explain how they're managing the shifting IPO environment

Have your say on London IPOs

Aug 23, 2018

Market participants have been speculating as to whether or not the Financial Conduct Authority’s new listing rules will help or hinder the process

Special report: Libor reform

Jul 24, 2018

Here in-house lawyers, heads of rates, traders and structurers explain the work they've done so far, views on potential replacements and where they expect litigation to arise. Get your copy of the landmark report now

Special report: Mifid II & market structure

Feb 8, 2018

From the meaning of traded on a trading venue to quote limits, the seminal new directive has the market divided. In an attempt at forming consensus, 30 in-house lawyers, regulatory strategists and market structure specialists spoke honestly and anonymously to Practice Insight throughout December and January

Special report: The future of European bank resolution

Dec 13, 2017

Find out in-house counsels' views on everything from the viability of the BRRD to the politicisation of bank rescues