News analysis on the regulatory effects on disclosures, terms, covenants, redemption and subordination. Whether it’s how product manufacturers are keeping their Priips KIDs under three pages or how bail-in clauses are changing as a result of new capital rules, it’s all here.

Priips: industry reveals its wishlist

Jul 18, 2018

Buy and sellside firms and industry associations tell Practice Insight what they are lobbying the European Commission on, from scope to performance scenarios. They may now have the support of Esma too

Brexit: buyside will use new Isda master agreements

Jul 19, 2018

London fund managers find the French and Irish law documents useful in facilitating relocation, and would like to see more practical Brexit guidance from industry associations

STS: banks shun preferential treatment in new securitisations

Jul 10, 2018

Securitisation desks think the new framework could do more harm than good to the troubled market, with some concerned it will put buyside off from investing in the product

UK market reveals post-Brexit loophole

Jun 7, 2018

Heads of asset managers, in-house counsel and bankers reveal the so-called 'chaperone' loophole for UK-based financial services institutions post-Brexit that allows for minimal staff moves. But EU regulators reiterate their position that letterbox arrangements are unacceptable

Priips: third-country manufacturers find loophole

May 24, 2018

Product manufacturers wanting to continue selling in the EU are looking into a creative – but risky – new strategy to bypass the investor protection rules. While it might work for some, lawyers warn against it, arguing that the relief of not having to produce a KID is not worth the potential risk

Priips, Mifid, Emir squeeze medium-complexity derivatives

May 17, 2018

According to in-house lawyers and structurers, the cumulative impact of post-crisis regulation has reduced the availability of certain types of structured products in the marketplace. While Emir makes anything complex significantly more expensive, Priips and Mifid II reduce the pool of potential investors, further pushing banks towards vanilla instruments

Covered bond market sets out demands for new directive

May 17, 2018

The proposed directive may ultimately bring back pricing differentiation, but it could also cause significant disruption in the market. Here bankers and investor groups outline the points they are lobbying European regulators on, from asset eligibility to liquidity buffers

DCM desks unprepared for new covered bond rules

May 10, 2018

More than half of the eight DCM bankers who spoke to Practice Insight did not know that the European Covered Bonds Directive, due in 2019, even exists. Others are concerned about its effects on third-country counterparties as a source at the European Commission confirms here that any form of equivalence regime will take years

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