News analysis on the regulatory effects on disclosures, terms, covenants, redemption and subordination. Whether it’s how product manufacturers are keeping their Priips KIDs under three pages or how bail-in clauses are changing as a result of new capital rules, it’s all here.

Prospectus Regulation aggravates Brexit headache

Feb 28, 2019

Third-country sponsors and UK firms will need to establish an EU home before future issuances. Meanwhile others are worried about the regulation's extensive risks factors

Initial margin: race for top platform is on

Feb 7, 2019

Isda Create and Margin Xchange are lining up in a bid to become the ultimate tech platform for the uncleared margin rules. Here bankers and consultants weigh up their price, efficiency and ease of use

Brexit poll part three: it's a little nebulous

Jan 24, 2019

The final part of Practice Insight’s landmark Brexit survey highlights the struggles in-house counsel and private practice face when repapering, while buyside and sellside sources weigh-in on their concerns outside the UK's departure from the EU

Libor reform: banks lobby for consistency in fallbacks

Dec 12, 2018

Differences in approach between working groups in the US and UK are set to be a headache for multicurrency debt programmes. Banks are working with industry groups to prevent a patchwork of fallbacks from developing

Brexit: France fails to woo banks

Nov 29, 2018

London-based financial institutions are rebuffing the French government’s attempts to persuade them to relocate to Paris. This has led to the government accelerating its no-deal Brexit contract continuity precautions

Libor: banks don’t want to be calculation agents

Nov 28, 2018

Despite public opinion – or because of it – major investment banks say they would rather not be tasked with choosing the new rate for legacy contracts

Priips: investment firms lay off advisors over failures

Nov 15, 2018

Almost a year after implementation, sources are still having “shocking” conversations on the regulation, particularly in the US. Many are having to start from scratch after recognising they have not been compliant

Libor fallbacks not yet referencing new rates

Nov 14, 2018

Regulators are becoming increasingly frustrated as banks and issuers argue that there's still too much uncertainty. Some even still believe the controversial benchmark isn't going anywhere fast

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