News analysis on the regulatory effects on disclosures, terms, covenants, redemption and subordination. Whether it’s how product manufacturers are keeping their Priips KIDs under three pages or how bail-in clauses are changing as a result of new capital rules, it’s all here.

Initial margin: custodians, buyside face uphill KYC struggle

Sep 13, 2018

There’s still significant lingering legal uncertainty for both asset managers and custodian banks as they face the operational challenge of CSA negotiations and KYC checks, at the risk of a sellside backlog closer to deadline

Initial margin: asset managers call for ECS standardisation

Sep 20, 2018

A uniform approach to the eligible collateral schedules for phase four and five would help all firms by streamlining the process and preventing delays

Banks search for Brexit-proof AT1, TLAC, MREL disclosures

Sep 18, 2018

DCM treasurers and lawyers are inserting Brexit-related risk clauses into their additional tier one and bank capital bonds to protect them from a no-deal scenario

Buyside not interested in Libor contract repapering

Sep 6, 2018

Hedge funds and asset managers waiting for banks to make the first move are making life harder for themselves in the long run, with litigation expected. Fallbacks may also not be the silver bullet many hoped

Priips: asset managers fight Ucits phase-in

Sep 5, 2018

Silence from Brussels is concerning product manufacturers and distributors, who are ramping up their lobbying efforts before it’s too late

Derivatives market braces itself for Brexit and Libor storm

Aug 23, 2018

Banks are struggling with repapering for both Brexit and Libor reform. Consultants and regulatory specialists share their project planning and liquidity concerns

Brexit novations raise questions over Emir, lifecycle events

Aug 9, 2018

As banks plough on with repapering, it's now emerged that novation may invalidate Emir grandfathering for millions of derivative contracts

Retail investors look for ways around Priips

Aug 2, 2018

Some would like to see a new class of investor that sits between retail and professional, but there’s no obvious option

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