News analysis on how banks and asset managers are implementing conduct-focused rules, including investor protection under Mifid II’s product governance frameworks and the integrity of Libor.

UK firms’ commitment crucial for climate change goals 

Jul 27, 2021

With the government having set the scene by placing sustainable finance as a key focus of the post-Brexit financial services agenda, the onus is on businesses to follow suit and step up their engagement

SOFR term rate endorsement changes credit-sensitive rates dynamic

Jul 30, 2021

The ARRC’s official recommendation of a term SOFR rate has boosted its competitiveness and makes it a serious contender in the context of alternative rates’ growing popularity

ARRC officially endorses term SOFR rate

Jul 29, 2021

The recommendation follows the SOFR First initiative and represents the final piece of the ARRC’s transition puzzle, which it says means market participants now have all the tools they need to transition

Market concerned about long-term impact of Brexit and quantitative easing

Jul 26, 2021

A post-Brexit race to the bottom in financial services tax, together with unstoppable QE, will exacerbate long-term socio-political risk

Banks must be ready for a multirate world

Jul 20, 2021

Market participants need to make sure systems are equipped to deal with the alternative rates set to replace USD Libor, including new credit-sensitive rates

Opinion: will the EU and UK ever get over their break-up?

Jul 19, 2021

As regulatory divergence starts to show its face, Alice Tchernookova looks at why rebuilding the EU-UK relationship in the post-Brexit paradigm is a never-ending conundrum

Sterling Libor market gears up for Q3 active transition deadline

Jul 12, 2021

The Bank of England's risk-free rates working group has required that all active conversion of sterling Libor exposures be complete by late September – a milestone that many market participants say they will struggle to meet

Mifid II ESG amendment creates buyside operational issues

Jul 6, 2021

The sustainability-driven amendments to Mifid II will impact a fund's ability to provide standardised ESG offerings, among other complications