News analysis on how banks and asset managers are implementing conduct-focused rules, including investor protection under Mifid II’s product governance frameworks and the integrity of Libor.

MAR: major disconnect between market and regulators

Oct 17, 2019

Following the launch of Esma’s latest consultation on the Market Abuse Regulation, Practice Insight speaks to market users and regulators to understand where priorities lie with the regime’s review

Benchmark transition inertia persists in Asia

Oct 14, 2019

Regulatory uncertainty and the sheer complexity of the task is causing consistent headaches for all involved

Green finance initiative shifts from market to regulators

Oct 10, 2019

As the asset class continues to establish itself as a booming sector, questions remain as to who should take the lead to push its growth even further

Why the Eonia to €STR transition is just a formality

Oct 9, 2019

With the shift to the new euro short-term rate now underway, market observers tell Practice Insight why euro markets have it easy compared to their Libor-dependent counterparts in the US and UK

The ‘artificial barriers’ of regulation increase fragmentation

Oct 3, 2019

Practice Insight explores fragmentation in the derivatives space and wonders what the future may hold

NatWest completes first ever Libor to Sonia loan amendment

Oct 2, 2019

Transition efforts in the loan space lag behind other instruments due to three key blockers

SMCR risks creating a blame culture

Sep 17, 2019

Opinions vary on whether the individual accountability regime has taken the right approach in tackling misconduct

Libor transition: room for greater currency coordination

Sep 9, 2019

Cross-currency working groups must collaborate to ensure the smooth transition away from IBORs in various jurisdictions, suggest bank and legal sources