News analysis on how banks and asset managers are implementing conduct-focused rules, including investor protection under Mifid II’s product governance frameworks and the integrity of Libor.

Ukraine war, cross-border risks, call for increased regulatory cooperation

May 5, 2022

Despite the willingness to reduce dependencies linked to globalisation, the need for regulators to collaborate is higher than ever to respond to challenges and coordinate the global response to ongoing conflicts

IFRS and EFRAG urged to make interoperable standards

May 19, 2022

Areas of divergence between the European, international and US standards setters include double materiality and the potential inclusion of SMEs

Greenwashing risk will be severe for at least three years

May 18, 2022

IOSCO secretary general Martin Moloney stresses the urgent need to improve issuer information to mitigate the risk of greenwashing

Carbon markets to be targeted by regulators

May 17, 2022

Standardised pricing mechanisms together with a more robust governance structure and legal foundation are essential for bolstering the integrity of carbon markets

ISSB to launch platform for global alignment on climate disclosures

May 11, 2022

A new platform to discuss opportunities for better international alignment will be announced in the ‘not-so-distant future’, according to ISSB chair Emmanuel Faber

McGuinness: global playbook essential for climate transition

Apr 27, 2022

Speaking at City Week 2022, the City of London Corporation’s Catherine McGuinness made recommendations on the way decisionmakers should approach the delivery of net-zero targets

Why volumes are stagnating in EU equities

Apr 21, 2022

Market participants discuss the multifaceted regulatory and market structure issues behind the years-long volume stagnation trend in EU equities

FCA faces post-Brexit accountability and resourcing challenges

Apr 13, 2022

As the Future Regulatory Framework looks to increase the FCA’s powers, sources wonder whether the proposed accountability mechanisms and resourcing will be sufficient to support this enhanced mandate

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