News analysis on how banks and asset managers are implementing conduct-focused rules, including investor protection under Mifid II’s product governance frameworks and the integrity of Libor.

Libor transition: corporates focused on internal arrangements

Jan 15, 2020

Supply contracts and intercompany loans are among the many areas that firms are assessing for their exposures to IBORs

Libor transition: Cross-currency deals continue to cause headaches

Mar 30, 2020

Market participants have been unable to find a solution to this known problem area

How today’s coronavirus crisis will shape tomorrow’s regulatory landscape

Mar 25, 2020

As the EU tightens the screws on isolation measures and local regulators devise unprecedented emergency plans, market participants reflect on the lessons that may be learnt from this crisis

Market speculates on coronavirus-linked Libor delays

Mar 20, 2020

With the virus situation rapidly escalating across the globe, Isda has already postponed its outstanding consultation on pre-cessation fallbacks. Other delays are likely to follow

Mifid II: IRPs battling to make research free

Mar 19, 2020

Despite regulators’ actions, independent research providers are encouraging the buyside to use the free research they remain entitled to, including trials

Coronavirus reveals flaws in post-crisis reforms

Mar 16, 2020

Market participants discuss quantitative easing-linked asset bubbles, inadequate liquidity safeguards and other cracks in the post-crisis regulatory framework

MAR: market soundings still problematic

Mar 12, 2020

As the market paces itself for potential new changes to the regime later this year, sources share their ongoing concerns over the complex and costly practice of market soundings

Brexit: CCP access likely to pose biggest threat

Mar 11, 2020

As months go by and trade negotiations between the EU and UK continue, sources tell Practice Insight that ensuring CCP equivalence beyond the transition period should be the market’s most pressing concern