News analysis on how banks and asset managers are implementing conduct-focused rules, including investor protection under Mifid II’s product governance frameworks and the integrity of Libor.

Mifid II unbundling has transformed US research

Nov 8, 2018

Elements of the EU rules have quickly become global best practice among firms, leaving regulators scrambling to keep up with what’s market

EU buyside drifts from UK despite Brexit agreement

Nov 14, 2018

Continental European investors remain wary of doing business in the UK. Here they argue the FCA’s temporary permissions regime doesn’t go far enough in covering potential risks

Buyside looks to rent fiduciary firms post-Brexit

Nov 5, 2018

Portfolio managers are anxious about the risks surrounding this short-term post-Brexit solution. They say it will cause liquidity and capital fragmentation

Why no bank has done a Sonia-based loan

Oct 31, 2018

Lenders explain why commercial loans are lagging behind other products in the Libor transition, as well as the various approaches to calculating compounded Sonia

OPINION: Mifid II’s data spat is a sign of changing times

Oct 25, 2018

Regulators and the market are at least united on one thing: FIRDS needs work. It's time to stop shifting blame and work together on improving it. Free to read now

BMR: euro market relying on Eonia exemption

Oct 24, 2018

Rates trading heads reveal the contingency plans they are making – or failing to make – in light of the existing timeline. Ideas range from logical to just plain odd

Firms look to initial margin outsourcing despite risks

Oct 22, 2018

Now the rules capture less sophisticated firms, many are forced to outsource repapering, calculation and implementation projects. In-house lawyers explain why they do so at their own risk

Banks slash AT1 teams as market declines

Oct 10, 2018

Sources are concerned about the future of AT1s as firms cut back on their capital solutions teams after struggling to interest investors. Some hope that MREL will give it a much-needed boost

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