News analysis on how banks, asset managers and trading venues are implementing new rules, from the changing nature of market structure under Mifid II, to how firms are grappling with transparency obligations and transaction reports.

Mifid II: market demands position limits revision

Jan 30, 2020

Traders and industry bodies want regulators to revisit rules for commodity derivatives under Mifid II, which they say have damaged liquidity. Here they set out exactly what they're asking for

How Islamic finance could win from the Libor transition

Feb 25, 2020

With Islamic finance now identified as one of the sectors that will be able to benefit from a Sonia term rate, some think this could be an opportunity for the sector to expand  

Libor: market yet to reach consensus on pre-cessation

Feb 20, 2020

Two recent letters from the authorities provided details on the period during which the interbank offered rate could still be used once it’s declared non-representative

Industry concerned by Mifir dark trading proposal

Feb 19, 2020

Esma's latest consultation takes aim at dark pools once again, but some feel it risks further fragmenting markets

EU companies look to guarantee post-Brexit UK access

Feb 12, 2020

Ireland, France, Cyprus and Germany topped the list of countries hosting the 1,400 EU firms that have applied under the temporary permissions regime

Initial margin: phase five firms cautiously optimistic

Feb 10, 2020

Asset managers generally appear ready for the latest phase of the IM rules but there is still uncertainty regarding how many will be required to comply come September

Euribor: prepare for fallbacks now, authorities warn

Feb 6, 2020

The euro risk-free rate working group has not yet produced a fallback for Euribor, which unlike Libor is not scheduled for formal discontinuation

Industry finally gets clarity on Sonia term rate

Feb 5, 2020

According to the Bank of England, only around 10% of the market needs a term rate alternative to Sonia – meaning the rest is unlikely to have access

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