News analysis on how banks, asset managers and trading venues are implementing new rules, from the changing nature of market structure under Mifid II, to how firms are grappling with transparency obligations and transaction reports.

‘RFR First’ awaited as pivotal Libor transition moment 

Sep 20, 2021

Introduced on September 21 as the second phase of SOFR First, the initiative recommends that interdealer brokers replace Libor-based cross-currency swaps with risk-free-rate ones

EU consolidated tape to lead market structure debate

Sep 22, 2021

While the EU Commission says the future CT will form the centrepiece of its Mifid II/Mifir review, the sellside continues to worry about premature reforms to the bonds deferrals regime

Trading still shrouded in post-Brexit uncertainty

Sep 16, 2021

While some market participants believe the UK wholesale markets review and the EU Mifid II/Mifir review will have a limited impact on trading, others express concerns about split liquidity pools in the near future 

Brexit: UK CPP equivalence decision could come by year-end 

Sep 7, 2021

With the Esma part of the process now under way, sources say further clarity could be given on UK clearinghouses’ EU status in the coming months

Tax reform will be key to UK funds regime upgrade

Sep 2, 2021

Market feedback on HMT’s call for input on the regime is still being reviewed, but sources maintain that tax changes will be central to any meaningful reform

Post-Brexit euro clearing shift stumbles

Sep 1, 2021

The European Commission’s working groups on challenges posed by the euro clearing migration have come to an end with no meaningful conclusions, leaving many market participants unsure about what to do

Market gears up for key euro RFR transition dates

Aug 25, 2021

Progress remains limited in the transition from Eonia to €STR, but some market participants are hopeful that two imminent milestones will help to tip the balance decisively

Archegos meltdown prompts banks to strengthen risk controls

Aug 17, 2021

Family office urges SEC rule changes for greater transparency to high-risk and leveraged products, including swap derivatives

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