Special report: Libor reform

Our Libor Reform poll, a 12-page special report on Libor replacement and the future of benchmarks, finds a market unprepared and in disarray. Litigation appears inevitable. Respondents include in-house lawyers at banks and asset managers, heads of rates, traders, structurers and corporate treasurers.

Addressing key points on Libor replacement featuring:

  • How the financial markets are adapting now in documentation & pricing
  • Potential replacement rates & their merits (such as Sonia and SOFR)
  • Managing the transition period & minimising disputes
  • Views on the Benchmarks Regulation
  • Exclusive interview with ICE benchmarks CEO Tim Bowler

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Libor Survey Report

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This landmark Libor reform survey finds a market split on everything from managing the transition and minimising disputes to impact on documentation and pricing. In-house lawyers, heads of rates, traders and corporate treasurers tell us how the upheaval will affect them